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Scissor Platform Lift

Miles Scissor Platform Lifts are designed in accordance with the dimensions of the customers and manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use. Miles Scissor Platform Lifts offer the user a high quality, safe and economical solution to ensure the convenient transfer of loads with a loading capacity range of 500 kg and 5000 kg.

Miles Lift offers long-lasting and comfortable Scissor Platform Lifts with smooth-running hydraulic systems and innovative design that challenges the level difference between floors. It contributes to overall efficiency of the companies thanks to its durable structure and low maintenance metric.

Product Properties


Single Scissor Platform Lift - Miles 1021

Double Scissor Platform Lift - Miles 1022

Three Scissor Platform Lift - Miles 1023

Special Production Scissor Platform Lift - Miles 1029

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity (kg): 300-7000

Platform Dimensions (mm): TBD

Pump (L): 10 ~ 240

Motor (kW): 1,5 - 24

Valve Group: BLAIN

Cruising distance (Min/Max) (mm): 0-5000

Motor Supply Voltage (V/AC): 220/380

Pit Dimensions (L x W mm): 2400x4100

Pit Depth (mm): TBD

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