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Building Type Disabled Lift

Miles Lift designs and manufactures cabin type, platform type, scissor type, stair type, and mobile type disabled lifts for corporate use or individual use. 

Miles Lift has acquired the vision of barrier-free access of disabled people and offers high security, long-lasting and comfortable products to the user. Miles disabled lifts have smooth operations with their trouble-free and smooth hydraulic systems.

Product Properties


Cabin Type Disabled Lift - Miles 2021

Platform Type Disabled Lift - Miles 2022

Scissor Type Disabled Lift - Miles 2023

Stair Type Disabled Lift - Miles 2024

Mobile Disabled Lift - Miles 2025

Special Platform Building Type Disabled Lift  - Miles 2029

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity (kg): TBD

Platform Dimensions (mm): TBD

Door Type: TBD

Cruising distance (Min/Max): 

Motor Supply Voltage (V/AC): TBD

System Weight (kg): TBD

Pith Depth (mm): TBD


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